Using the .NET Workflow SDK with Geocortex Mobile

The Geocortex Mobile SDK is used to extend Geocortex Workflow functionality for Geocortex Mobile. Follow the instructions in the Quickstart project to get set up for Geocortex Mobile + Geocortex Workflow custom development.


Creating custom workflow activities for Geocortex Mobile requires the development and deployment of a custom Geocortex Mobile application.

SDK Samples#


We recommend that you only implement the IActivityHandler interface examples provided in the Developer Center. These examples have been verified and are provided to help you customize your Geocortex product to suit your needs. You should not reference other classes and functions from the various Geocortex Workflow assemblies. Doing so could risk breaking functionality and/or unexpected results as a result of future changes.

The Geocortex Mobile SDK includes various SDK Samples for development, including a sample which demonstrate custom workflow functionality .

Next Steps#

Implement a Custom Activity

Implement a custom activity for Geocortex Mobile

Implement a Custom Form Element

Implement a custom form element for Geocortex Mobile

Reference a Third Party library

Reference a third party library in Geocortex Mobile